Damon Advisors

We Work for Your Incredible Success

We are a firm that believes in evidence-based and market-led consultancy. Our focus is to uncover insights that will help our customers develop better products, services, processes, and customer experiences.

Helping Our Clients
Develop Better Products.

We want our customers to concentrate on their core business while we map the external and internal environment through data and help them make informed business decisions with ease and speed. Damon Advisors offers insight, industry, and market research consultancy using interdisciplinary directed, multifunctional, and long-term research in consumer, retail, business-to-business, digital, and technology sectors. We capitalise on market, demographic, and economic data for integrated analytical insights to help firms improve their business models. Some of the solutions we offer include high-level strategic analysis, custom quantitative and qualitative research, strategic market research and competitive intelligence services.


Our Values

Serve with integrity

We keenly carry our business honestly and justly.

Uphold professionalism

Our human resources are well trained to carry themselves professionally in attitude and communication with other stakeholders.

Customer centricity

All decisions regarding our services, products, and experiences have the customers as the central focus.


Our beliefs dictate we remain open and straightforward with our stakeholders regarding our engagements.


We believe in the co-creation of value both internally and externally and commit to the active participation of customers in value design.

Why Choose Us

  • Relieve our customers the task and pressure of getting into the market and collecting data for actionable solutions.
  • Offer innovative research methods that will help scale your business model.
  • Grant our customers the confidence to make critical decisions informed by evidence.
  • Possess solutions crucial to fuel the innovation process.