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Business Shaped Solutions

We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Damon Advisors offers a range of M&E services that cover the entire project cycle (baseline, mid-term reviews and end term/final evaluation). Our services include Gender Assessments, Surveys, Third Party Monitoring for multilayer large-scale projects, feasibility studies, Needs Assessment, Capacity Assessment, Real time valuation, Gender Assessment, Surveys, Third Party Monitoring for multilayer large-scale projects, feasibility studies, Needs Assessment, Capacity Assessment, Real time evaluation. Damon monitors and evaluates projects in various sectors including, education, economic growth, private sector development, protection, peacebuilding WASH, food security, and livelihoods, migration, resilience, productive sector development (livestock, agriculture and fisheries), protection and shelter. We use various data collection methods:

Through our rich network of enumerators and structured partnership we can access complex settings and gather accurate data. We have structured systems that guide our field staff to access complex areas at optimal safety without compromising on security.

Quantitative Market Research and Analytics
Qualitative Market Research 1-min
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Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research and Analytics

Damon Advisors is a partner of choice in quantitative surveys. We understand the complex environments that our customers operate in and vary the sample size based on the organisation seeking our services. Economic research assessment, labour market surveys,

We also undertake qualitative research and leverages observable human behavior and insights on lifestyle to help organisations shape their value proposition. Our customer insights are generated by integrating secondary data from multiple credible sources.

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Industry Research Reports

We integrate secondary data from multiple credible sources to generate valuable customer insights. Our in-depth industry reports offer a comprehensive understanding of your industry, helping you achieve and maintain competitiveness.

Secondary Data Acquisition and Analysis
Industry Research Reports 1-min
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Ideation and Prototyping

At Damon Advisors, we’re not just about gathering information – we’re also passionate about idea generation and innovation. Our ideation and prototyping services help you challenge underlying assumptions and develop new, innovative solutions. We work with you to map out your processes and systems, identify areas that require innovation, and test our solutions in the market.

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Data and Insights-Led Business Advisory

We provide data and insights-led business advisory services to help you create and sustain competitive advantage. We diagnose signs that your strategies are evolving and offer participative consulting to help you design and implement schemes for routine self-diagnosis. Our team works with you to develop strategies based on your capabilities, creating a competitive edge in your market and industry.

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