Eric Mutuma Thomas

Managing Director / Research Manager

Personal Experience

Eric possesses a mastery of transforming complex data into strategic business insights. With over 5 years of experience and proficiency in data analytics tools and programming languages including SPSS, STATA, Jamovi, E-Views, PowerBi, Tableau, R, Python, Advanced Microsoft Excel, and SQL, Eric empowers organizations to make informed decisions with confidence.


  • Data Analysis: Harnessing the power of statistical models, Eric uncovers patterns and trends to extract actionable insights that drive growth and expansion.
  • Visual Storytelling: With captivating visualizations and intuitive dashboards, Eric brings data to life, empowering stakeholders to make impactful and customer-centric decisions.
  • Strategic Guidance: Eric’s expertise fuels informed decision-making, unlocking growth opportunities, and propelling your business forward.
  • Statistical Mastery: Eric’s deep understanding of statistical concepts enables him to deliver accurate interpretations and precise results and recommendations.

Eric’s mantra is ‘Unlocking Insights for Data-Driven Success.’