Methuselah Gechino

Director / Senior Research Coordinator

Personal Experience

Methuselah is a bi-lingual (French and English) skilled data collector, analyst and report writer who possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Methuselah holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from USIU- Africa  and has over 6 years’ experience in research, data collection, analysis and report writing. Currently, Methuselah coordinates data collection, analysis, and report writing at Damon Advisors Limited.

He has expertise in:

Protocol Development and primary data collection. Methuselah  possess expertise in overseeing the development of protocols and conducting primary data collection through various methods such as focus group discussions, key informant interviews, field observation, computer-assisted telephone interviews, and quantitative structured interviews.

NVIVO Data Analysis: Methuselah  has  extensive experience in conducting data analysis using NVIVO, a software widely used for qualitative research. He is  proficient in coding and categorizing data, conducting thematic analysis, and generating insightful reports based on the findings.

Report Writing: With a strong background in academic and professional writing, Methuselah possesses the skills to effectively communicate research findings through comprehensive and well-structured reports.

 Monitoring & Evaluation: Desk reviews; context-specific tools development; quantitative and qualitative data analysis and reporting; and presentation of results to clients in the following thematic areas; gender, food security and livelihood, health and nutrition, resilience, migration and education.